• Uploading financial statements of enterprises

    Qawaem program allows enterprises to upload their financial statements. These financial statements will be saved in the Saudi Business Center database to be used in future by stakeholders and relevant parties to act upon monitoring and planning. Qawaem program provides a set of predetermined financial items to be filled-in by the enterprise or its chartered auditor, which shall then be uploaded on the program.

    Uploading financial statements of enterprises shall be performed by:

    • The enterprise's chartered auditor.

    Such service shall assist the enterprise or its auditor to insert accurate financial statements and reduce the possibility of errors in them, this in turn helps raise the quality and accuracy of financial data. The service further saves time and effort of the enterprises to submit their financial statements on an annual basis to the Ministry of Commerce or to other relevant authorities, e.g. General Authority of Zakat and Income, via a unified system.

    You can register on Qawaem program and use the service. To know how to upload financial statements, please visit this page.

Last Update : 16 Septamber 2020